Facts : Why Medical Study From Russia is on High Demand

Edu­ca­tion and Research in Rus­sia has always been seen as one of the leading in Europe. Along with a powerful social-economic global standing, it possesses a well-developed curriculum backed with robust school cluster, more specif­i­cally for the field of med­i­cine and engineering. Studying medicine in Russia is an established arena. It is well respected and accolades highly. The degree is accepted and acknowledged by institutions such as WHO and MCI etc. Uni­ver­si­ties like some in Roma­nia do not require IELTS or TOEFL as an entrance Exam­i­na­tion. Students have the opportunity of earning as they work during their study years.
Studying medical in Russia has many benefits. To begin with, study­ing in Rus­sia is cost effective, com­pared to other parts of Europe. Cost of living is considerably low and most of the lodging options can be vouched for on campus itself. Students in Russia are eligible for a range of discounts and benefits including travel on public transport, visiting museums, libraries, theatres, concert halls, and other public entertainment facilities. Russian medical universities provide many social security schemes to the students like with medical insurance, covering up all costs of medical treatments during their stay in the country.

Foreign students in Rus­sia enjoy the mul­ti­cul­tural accommodative envi­ron­ment. Russia is a country where representatives of the most diverse countries and cultures coexist and thus one can easily adapt to life here.  The country's multinational ethnic composition illustrates the diversity in all spheres of life, from cultural to domestic. Students, arriving in Russia feel at home here. Russian universities are proud of their long experience in the training and the overall growth of international students. There is also ample scope for students to take part in social activities, cultural meets, conferences and excursions organized by the universities. There is a lot to do and take back from the country after class for the students. Summer vacations are long and this happens to be the best time to travel to one’s own country or explore Russia.

Students have the opportunity of earning up to 500 USD as they work during their study years. There are splendid career opportunities for medicinal aspirants in Russia due to its already swelling scholarly environment. To add to which there is state backing, and command over English, which is a like a natural gift to the Indians is revered and weighed very heavily in Russia. Hence, there are bright and affable options to pursue once the student completes the course in the country itself.

A country like India has always had a strong and a close connect with Russia and have had very intimate industrial and economic relations with each other. This definitely adds value to the life of an Indian student on the Russian soil, thus, ensuring them with a holistic experience of garnering knowledge and having a way forward from there to achieve success.

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