Undoubtedly we are admitting a boom in students participating into study abroad programmes of various countries. Responding to this many schools or universities all over the world have relaxed some of their admitting criteria.

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, is the basic requirement of a business school, required everywhere in the world.  Most business schools accept this test as a mean for admission into the range of graduate programs. The test helps in accumulating a person’s analytical, writing, verbal and reading skills in the standard English format. The GMAT scores are measured on the basis of three part exam, which helps in finding the best suitable and intellectual candidate for admission to a university. For better results and understanding a student can take guidance from any available GMAT training institutes in Delhi.

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GRE or Graduate record exam is performed for analysing writing, mathematical and verbal capabilities of a student. Though GMAT and GRE are fairly similar, still most universities selection criterion prefers GMAT score card. Contrary to GMAT, GRE is not for business courses or is not business specific; rather it’s for admission to graduate schools only. Similarly, coaching for a good score card can be done by studying into any GRE training institutes in Delhi.

Another vital requirement for testing English language skills for admission into foreign universities are IELTS and TOEFL. International English language testing system or IELTS, is a test in which candidate is rated with a ‘score band’ of 0 to 9. Whereas, TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) assigns numerical scores to each skills area and then sums it for finding the capability of a student into the language. best TOEFL training institute in Delhi.

Though both the tests are based upon analysing a student’s English language skills on different parameters, the only difference is that TOEFL is written, and IELTS is more of a speaking test, which requires a face to face interaction with an examiner.

If a student desires to pursue higher education from a foreign university, one has to pass these two language tests as per the universities acceptance of the score. For better preparations and learning classes of this language tests, one can avail coaching from any IELTS Training Institute in Delhi.

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