Best Counsellors in Delhi for Studying Abroad

Today students approach for studies having better approach, are more practical, and most importantly a study having a global acceptance. Study abroad is an increasing and successful option to which students trust.
The most popular destination for study abroad are USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other European countries. Many universities provide quality education and exposure to students for a better learning, developing students for a competitive world.
Also, foreign countries provide financial assistance and accommodation options for students enrolled into their universities.
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Study abroad can be one of the best options for your studies, as it gives certain advantages to students, making them career ready, some are;
·         Multilingual and Multicultural Environment
·         Makes you more Techno Savvy
·         Value of Degree
·         Global exposure
·         Competition ready
It is also important that one must select a trustworthy study abroad consultant for their abroad study programmes. The counselling services by Study Abroad Consultants provide services to help a person to experience an admission process which is easy and uncomplicated. Among many, some of the services are enlisted

  Career counselling:  counselling is the first services provided by a consultancy to a student. It helps in selecting the right university as per the students needs.

·     Admission guidance:  after knowing the student the counsellors of the consultancy helps in getting admission of the student to the selected university.

·    Safety:  when a student applies to a foreign university via a consultancy service, they get all the safety and security of transparency, and from other fraudulent practices.

·     Financial estimation:  financial counselling is also provided by the counsellors, as they present an overall estimation of the expenses of study abroad.

·      Visa assistance:  getting a visa is something where a student faces much difficulty. A consultancy takes all the head ache of getting the right documentation for a successful delivery of the visa.

Among the market, Seven seas Edutech is the most trust able in providing transparent and hassle free assistance throughout the admission of students. Seven seas Edutech has

best counsellors in Delhi for studying abroad criteria, providing assistance in immigration, university profiling, student counselling, and many other services makes seven seas the perfect option for one’s overseas education dream.

Seven Seas Edutech Pvt Ltd is a leading Education Consultancy based at heart of New Delhi. It is a professionally managed company specializing in career counseling and providing authentic guidance to Indian students seeking higher education from abroad. We provide simplified ways and genuine guidance to the students to achieve their career goals through international education. Seven Seas evolved from SRI after having a vast experience of over 10 years in education industry. SHRI RAWATPURA SARKAR INSTITUTIONS (SRI) has been the provider of world class education since 2002. SRI was founded with the motive of meeting effectively the emerging challenges of the modern world and demands of the student's community. SRI has tremendously grown since its inception to attain leadership position in India which speaks volumes about our enduring commitment, outstanding faculty and a rich learning environment.

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