Canada Immigration: Changing demographic numbers

In this blog, we will discuss the recent reforms and laws passed by the immigration department of Canada in order to regulate the immigration to the country, and also the change in the demographic patterns.

In 2009 Canada passed a law, which made the Canada immigration procedure strict, the reason stated by many behind is the Israel - Lebanon war of 2006. According to the government the bulk of Canadians decedents who are living outside Canada cannot enjoy the subsidised healthcare and education contributed by the taxpayer’s money.It is completely fair on the government’s part for if you cannot contribute to the government’s purse how can you expect it to deliver to your needs? The major reason for the Canada immigration has been the mass migration that has taken place in recent times.

Over utilisation of natural and manmade resources has caused much of turmoil among the citizens of Canada and also in the government. For the migrants number does not tend to reduce and the citizens tend to continue contributing more through the taxes. Also the number of deportations in the last few years has increased due to the illegal immigrants that have entered the country through the wrong channels. Statistics reveal that by 2030 one-quarter of Canadian citizens would be foreigners crossing Australia where the number is 22% of the population. According to the immigration consultants India comes next to China in the number of immigration applications received. In spite of the new reforms the immigration consultants in delhi are always positive and can get the things done easily for you.  Many of these are authorised and move through a legal channel, but also there are rotten apples which sell citizenship for a dollar or two. It is very important to be aware of such consultants. Migration has been the source of balancing the demographics but it has to be done in a healthy manner. Moving from resource less to resource full place is not always the solution, there are times when resources have to be created in order to sustain.

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