Australia Immigration: Living opportunities for the migrants

The government of Australia has opened up its doors for the skilled migrants to cater to the needs of the local industry.

Australia, a land of opportunities, is world’s sixth largest with respect to the geographic area. It is known for its deserts, kangaroos and also strong economy. In comparison to the area the population of Australia is very low at 7.3 sq. /ml. Thus it attracts a large number of immigrants. Most of the population is settled around the south eastern region. Out of the total population 36% are English, 35% are Australians and the rest belong to different countries from Europe and Asia. It is one of the most favored nations as per the records of immigration consultants. Australia being culturally rich is known for its great educational institutions and is among the most favored countries when it comes to tourism.

Australia immigration process is comparatively easier to other European nations. In recent times the Australian government has shown considerable openness towards the skilled employees for the domestic market. This will reduce the visa granting time and thus make the immigration process smoother and faster. The 457 visa will provide Australia with skilled global workers for their industries, and the government is also planning to make the visa processing time to less those 10 days. In Australia immigration, it is said to be one of the major skilled migration reform of 2012. The new reform in place will be migrant friendly and thus help the local people with skilled work force. The recent reforms are made keeping in mind the requirements of the varied regions in Australia.

Australia being multicultural is open to diverse population inflow, thus reducing the fear amongst the migrants of losing their independent identity. Thus not only the government but also the local population is migrant friendly and looks forward for them for an extra helping hand. The most determining factor when it comes to Australia immigration is the experience of work and the skill the individual holds. They turn out to be the critical aspects while granting visas. Australia has turned out to be the next global workplace.

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